The EMX Token and all its Incentives

Posted by EMX Team on Aug 9, 2019 6:00:33 PM


NOTE: The EMX Token Sale on ProBit has been cancelled since this article was first published. Please join our mailing list or Telegram Announcements channel to keep updated with the latest.

Dear EMX community,

We have a lot planned for the next two months -- and one of the first things we’re looking to do is launch the EMX Token, the native utility token of our exchange.

EMX Token holders will have access to incredible benefits across our growing ecosystem. The initial benefits available to EMX Token holders include:

Taker Fee Discounts

  • Hold EMX Tokens in your wallet to get anywhere from a 5-50% reduction on taker fees. For a breakdown of the specific discounts, click here.

Insurance Fund Staking

  • Lend your EMX Tokens to the EMX Insurance Fund. Every two weeks, 10% of net gains in the insurance fund will be paid out to holders who've kept their tokens on EMX.

Exchange Rewards

  • Earn more in future trading competitions, gain access to premium, customized features on the exchange, and unlock higher leverage.


  • Use the EMX Token as margin for tradin derivatives on EMX.

Please visit our EMX Token Sale page to learn more about the EMX Token, including list price, utility, and the tokenomics.


The EMX Tokens or any rights to acquire EMX Tokens are only available outside of the United States and to non-U.S. Persons, and are not available to persons with whom, or in jurisdictions where, transactions involving digital assets are prohibited or in many manner restricted by applicable laws or regulations. There is currently substantial uncertainty in various jurisdictions as to the application of securities, commodities, financial, tax, and other laws and any regulations relating to EMX Tokens and digital assets, and the application of other laws and regulations may be fact-specific and subject to change. The EMX Tokens are intended to be offered for use on the EMX Platform. Although not intended to be the offer and sale of a security, there is a significant risk that any offer and sale of the EMX Tokens could nonetheless be deemed to constitute the offer and sale of a security by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or other regulatory authorities. Those who purchase or otherwise obtain EMX Tokens or rights to receive EMX Tokens are required to inform themselves about, and to observe, any restrictions relating to the EMX Tokens and any related documents and communications in such purchasers’ jurisdictions and comply with all applicable laws in connection with any offer, sale, or transfer of the EMX Tokens. Any EMX Tokens obtained may not be offered, sold, or otherwise transferred, except in full compliance with all transfer restrictions, transfer prerequisites, and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the transferor’s and transferee’s jurisdictions. In particular, the tokens may not be transferred to U.S. Persons or in the United States, and EMX reserves the right to impose restrictions to prevent any resales that could be deemed to violate applicable laws.

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