Thanks For Joining Us During Korea Blockchain Week

Posted by EMX Team on Jul 25, 2018 12:37:00 PM

EMX Team at Hashed's office in Seoul

Attending Korea Blockchain Week was a blast.

Seoul is one of our favorite cities, and the organizers (Beyond Blocks, Hashed, Factblock and more) did a great job putting together many of the events throughout the week. Being able to meet with the enthusiastic Korean community and supporters was energizing, and speaking to the Korean media reinforced our belief that the country’s appetite for EMX is stronger than ever.

Though it’s all over now, the events and Meetups we attended and people we met left a huge impression on us. Korea is bursting with great blockchain projects and opportunity. We’re grateful for being included and we look forward to spending even more time there.

EMX Team with Simon Kim from Hashed

The EMX team with our advisor Simon Kim from #Hashed

EMX's VP of Product Kay Chang

VP of Product Kay Chang at our Beyond Blocks booth

For those who were not in attendance, here is a list of the events we took part in and media outlets we spoke to.


  • Beyond Blocks Summit: EMX had a booth for two days. We gave away swag including mints, playing cards, t-shirts, laptop stickers and more.
  • M&K PR Pitch Event, at the Shilla Hotel: Jim pitched EMX to a room filled with potential supporters eager to learn more about the project.
  • Blockchain Revolution Partners Meetup: Jim and Vinny met potential supporters and other projects.
  • Hashed Brunch, where we reconnected with our supporters Hashed and XSQ.
  • After-parties, including the Blockcrafters Party at D.Bridge, which was hosted by our media partner Sosocoin; iCapital party; Arrington & Signum party; Chainrock party; L7 party; Foundation X Night: These were a great opportunity to network with potential supporters and partners including exchanges, traders, other projects including NEM, DarcMatter, Carry Protocol, Sentinel Protocol, Dfinity, Fantom and more.
  • Hashed Night: A get-together where other portfolio projects were introduced.
  • Blockchain Partners Summit, at the Walkerhill Hotel, which featured talks from top movers and shakers in the industry, including Changpeng Zhao, Roger Ver, and Charles Hoskinson.

EMX's Vinny Leow

EMX’s Vinny Leow, with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao

EMX's Craig Austin and Jim Bai

CTO Craig Austin and CEO Jim Bai getting interviewed by Asia Economy TV


EMX's Jim Bai with Ran Neuner

CEO Jim Bai with CNBC’s Ran NeuNer

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