EverMarkets To EMX: Behind The Rebrand

Posted by Sohyung Kang on Jun 4, 2018 3:20:00 PM


We’ve been working with a multiple Webby Award winning marketing and design team to reimagine the look and feel of the EverMarkets brand. The fruits of this labor — a new logo, website and brand identity — are now ready to be unveiled.

This may seem like a simple task, but it’s really not. EMX is audience-driven; we are building this company for you. The evolution from EverMarkets to EMX is a reflection of that mission. EMX is easier to pronounce, spell and remember, especially for our Asian supporters. It’s also an homage to our beginning, a sharper name for a platform coming quickly into focus.

New logo

Coming up with a logo to reflect this shift was no easy feat. From the onset, we knew the “E” in EMX would play a major role because it represents our heritage and our future. The team cycled through many, many iterations…

EMX Blog - EMX Logos

Until landing on the right one:

The winning EMX logo

This logo stood out to us because it evokes bar charts and candlesticks, two mainstays of the trading community, and also because it presents these iconic visuals in a fresh way. Our hope is that the EMX ‘E’ will become as ubiquitous as G is for Google and M is for Medium.

New product design

All good brands have a laser focus on the user experience, and EMX is no different. We worked around the clock to create a more modern, flexible theme that would translate across all properties and products.

The result is a dynamic, sleeker design that features an entirely new color palette featuring gunmetal, navy blue and turquoise. This theme is more impactful and creates striking visuals while being functional and flexible. It is the perfect bridge from traditional financial markets to digital asset markets.

EMX Brand Colors

New website

Our website has been completely redesigned to reflect all of the above changes. But the work did not stop there. We have incorporated feedback from our presale participants and supporters to more clearly show what sets EMX apart from the competition. EMX is not trying to be the next Binance, BitMEX or OKEx — we are setting a new industry standard. EMX is on a mission to build a single, easy-to-use, customer-focused platform to manage a global portfolio. We want to reinvent both the trading experience and exchange technology, become a leader in both, and exceed customer expectations of what a financial exchange can be. We are building The Future of Derivatives Trading, and this will be reflected in all of our messaging and positioning.

A refreshed, stronger identity is just the beginning. Starting in June, EMX will embark on a holistic marketing strategy that has been months in the making and will significantly increase visibility across all key demographics. More on this plan will be shared in the coming weeks.

Please take a look at our website and let us know what you think in the comments below or in our Telegram channel.

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