EMX Insider, Issue #6

Posted by EMX Team on Mar 20, 2019 12:22:23 PM

 EMX Insider Issue #6

Dear EMX community,

Thanks for reading this issue of EMX Insider. In today’s report, you will find news on:

  • The EMX API release and other product development updates

  • Our trading competition with Nanyang Technological University and Grasshopper Trading

  • Upcoming trading competitions

Product & Engineering updates

We released our first official API documentation for the EMX Testnet API. In addition to the docs, we’ve released client libraries for Node.js and Python to make it easy to get started writing trading bots for the EMX Testnet. We will soon release a new support page including Getting Started guides, FAQs, and a community message board to allow traders to get help with the EMX APIs. In the meantime, email beta@emx.com with any questions or comments.

In the coming weeks, we will release a suite of trading competition features to allow traders to host their own trading competitions. This includes unique join links, custom schedules, and leaderboards. More news on this will be coming soon.

Our engineering team also completed critical work on the system that protects the stability of the EMX clearing house. Our margin monitoring and forced liquidation engine is now monitoring all Testnet accounts in real-time - including sending notifications to users when a liquidation becomes necessary.

We’re wrapping up feature work on the last few pieces necessary before we launch our first EMX Mainnet environment featuring BTC deposits, withdrawals, and realized P/L. While this environment will be internal-only at first, it will be the first test of our software in a live-trading (not paper-trading) environment. This is the environment that will become the public EMX release in a few months after sufficient testing and liquidity provision. 

Marketing updates

We recently partnered with Grasshopper Trading and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore to host the Grasshopper Cup - 2019 Trading Championship on our public Testnet. 18 teams of 100 students participated in the multi-round competition, with the top 3 teams winning prizes and opportunities to interview for key internships at EMX and Grasshopper. For a full recap of the trading competition, click here.


Special thanks to the team at Grasshopper, our advisor TK Tan, and NTU for their immense collaborative efforts.

We plan on hosting several trading competitions in the weeks leading into launch, and we’ll give away thousands of dollars in prizes - so stay tuned for some huge announcements. In the meantime, make sure you start practicing on our Testnet. Only the best traders get rewarded!


Connect with us

As always, the best way to find us is on Telegram. If you have any questions about the product  or need help, please visit our support site and file a ticket

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