EMX Insider, Issue #3

Posted by EMX Team on Oct 28, 2018 10:00:00 AM


Dear EMX community,

Thanks for reading this issue of EMX Insider. In this issue, you will find:

  • An update on our Beta and other tech developments
  • A recap of our roadshow in Seoul and Shanghai
  • Marketing updates — our subscriber base is quickly growing
  • How the success of our rewards program will reward you even more
  • The latest crypto industry news

Roadshow Updates

EMX in Seoul

The EMX team hosted an exclusive VIP dinner in Seoul with Ad-OS and I-CASH. Taking place at the Grand Intercontinental Parnas hotel, the dinner featured a famous cellist, Chae-A, and was even featured on popular Naver blogs in Korea.

While in Seoul, our CEO Jim Bai stopped by the Korea Blockchain Expo to share his thoughts on the rise of derivatives exchanges in the cryptocurrency markets. We also had a booth at the Expo and met many traders who are interested in moving over from existing futures trading exchanges to a better, more reliable solution.

(View more photos from Seoul on our Facebook page.)

We also held an investor dinner in Shanghai, at the Grand Hyatt hotel. Our dinners are attracting top investors and interesting discussions. If you’d like to be invited to an investor dinner, please email events@emx.com

EMX Ceo Jim Bai

Also in Shanghai, Jim shared his insights about regulation in the crypto industry at Crypto Mondays Shanghai. Panel guests included Bobby Lee, Dr.Zhang Jiangwei (founder of MediLOT), Chris Cheng (co-founder of ChainFunder), and Nye the influencer. It’s always great to hear the perspectives of industry influencers and contribute to that discussion.

(For photos from Crypto Mondays Shanghai, click here).

Product & Engineering Updates

Before we release our Exchange Beta to the public, we shared it with just a few select people from the list of qualified applicants. As you can see, our vetting process is rigorous to make sure that every beta tester understands what EMX is aiming to accomplish and can provide detailed feedback to our product and engineering teams. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester yourself, please apply here. You can also watch an early demo of the beta here. (Note that a few features have changed since the recording.)

Speaking of the EMX beta platform, our engineering team has been hard at work improving the features and scalability of EMX and enabling new contracts (Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Crude Oil) for paper trading. Our next big feature to release is the ability to trade directly from the chart. We’ll have more about that in the next update. As for scalability, we’ve added special handling to accommodate “bursty” order updates (i.e. a flurry of inserts, cancels, and amends) to improve exchange and clearing house performance in certain load scenarios.

Marketing Updates

Remember our rewards program that we launched 2 weeks ago? It’s already proving to be a resounding success.

We suspect that the quick success of our rewards program has to do not just with the EMX trading credits it offers but even more so with our strong community and their genuine interest in EMX.

The growth of our community is evident from the thousands of new, authenticated signups on EMX.com, an active social media community of 3K Facebook followers, 9K Telegram community members across 3 channels, and 4K followers on Twitter. We are impressed with our community’s engagement and encourage for you to join the conversation on your favorite social channel if you haven’t done so already.

Media Coverage

Speaking of engagement, ICO websites are noticing the transparency and quality of EMX, with us getting 5 and 4.5 star ratings from TrackICO and ICO Marks respectively.

Meet the Team

The EMX team is always happy to connect with our community in person. Please find us at these upcoming events:

If you’re in the area for any of the above events, definitely let us know on Telegram!

Industry News

Stock Market Plunges But Has No Impact on Crypto: No Correlation?

This week, the US stock market deleted all of its gains made in 2018 amidst a major sell-off. The crash had no impact on the crypto market, showing no signs of inverse correlation.

Japan Approves Self-Regulation for Cryptocurrency Industry

Japan’s primary financial regulator has formally granted the cryptocurrency industry with a self-regulatory status by allowing an industry body to police domestic exchanges.

Banker: Continuous Establishment of Regulation in Crypto Will Attract Institutions

According to Daniel Santos, a former Standard Chartered executive, one major catalyst that could reverse the current trend of the crypto market is the imposition of positive regulatory frameworks by leading digital asset economies.

Taiwan Will Issue Draft ICO Rules by June 2019, Regulator Says

Taiwan plans to release draft Initial Coin Offering (ICO) regulation by June 2019, local English-language daily news outlet Taipei Times reported Tuesday, Oct. 23.

Coinbase and Circle announce the launch of USDC — a Digital Dollar

The new USDC stablecoin is fully collateralized by US dollars and supported by Coinbase and Circle as co-founding members of the CENTRE Consortium.

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