EMX Insider, Issue #2

Posted by EMX Team on Oct 11, 2018 10:00:00 AM

EMX Insider Issue #2

Dear EMX community,

Thanks for reading this issue of EMX Insider. In this issue, you will find:

  • New faces joining the Engineering and Marketing teams
  • Product and engineering updates, along with a video of our beta
  • Information about our EMX Rewards Program and how to earn EMX credits
  • An invitation to our Shanghai events and a list of other upcoming events
  • The latest industry news

Team Updates

EMX's Sohyung Kang and Michael Siedlecki

Our team got stronger recently with the addition of Sohyung Kang as our VP of Marketing and Michael Siedlecki as our Senior Engineer, bringing our total count to 22, including contract employees.

Sohyung’s 13 years in digital media and marketing included such impressive positions of executive responsibility as Acquisition Strategist for DirectTV Product Marketing and Director of Marketing at HBO, where she executed successful campaigns for Game of Thrones, Westworld, Last Week Tonight, and more award winning shows.

Speaking of awards, she is a winner of multiple top marketing and media awards, including an Emmy and a Cannes Lion. Check out Sohyung’s LinkedIn right here.

Michael, in his 8 years of full stack engineering experience, was a founding engineer at 4 startups funded by Y-Combinator (the world’s top startup incubator). Michael can handle any load or issue, since he was the sole frontend engineer at an analytics startup from seed stage all the way through series B financing.

With his passion for finding better solutions that benefit the greatest number of users, Michael created his own mobile app that helps Uber and Lyft drivers earn more by predicting times/places with the highest surge pricing. Check out Michael’s LinkedIn right here.

Product & Engineering Updates

The dev team’s focus right now is on delivering a compelling, feature-rich beta release. Our roadshow is proving to be a massive source of specific and useful feedback that we are already incorporating into our exchange. For a sneak peek at the exchange beta, click here to view our beta demo video.

Our engineering team rolled out the first version of our depth-of-market (or “trading from the order book”) experience. This is a feature that will appeal to experienced traders and we’ll dive deeper into the design and implementation in a blog post soon. The team also continues to focus on scaling up our API gateway, exchange, and clearing house services to support more traders joining our beta environment soon. Also, of course, we just added a Referral Widget to emx.com to support the EMX Rewards Program mentioned above.

Marketing Updates

To reward our early supporters, we are giving away free EMX trading fee credits. Yes, as soon as EMX launches, you can already have money in your account to spend on fees. How much? Up to $1,000.

Sign up at www.emx.com through an “Earn EMX Rewards” widget you can’t miss. In fact, you will get $10 just for signing up. It’s that easy. And this is just the beginning. Get more points (i.e. credits) by referring friends, following EMX’ social media accounts, joining our Telegram group, and retweeting or sharing our content.

The more points you earn, the higher you climb in the 5 tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Elite) and the more EMX credits you earn.

What is the best way to earn? Sharing EMX content with friends and family via the referral URL inside the widget. For each friend who signs up, you get 100 points.

Meet the Team

CEO Jim Bai will be speaking at Crypto Mondays Shanghai on Monday, October 15 at SkyPalace Shanghai. He will be participating in a panel about regulation. Other featured guests include Bobby Lee (Co-founder of BTCC), Chris Cheng (Co-founder of ChainFunder), Dr. Zhang Jiangwei (Founder of MediLOT), Nye the influencer, and Yin Xu (CEO of Oath Protocol).

To RSVP, scan the QR code or email cryptomondaysshanghai@gmail.com.


EMX will also be hosting an exclusive, private investor dinner the following day, October 16, in Shanghai. Please email the EMX events team at events@emx.com if you are interested in attending. The dinner is strictly limited to high net worth individuals and funds.

For anyone who can’t make the panel or the dinner in Shanghai, please find us at these other upcoming events:

Industry News

Crypto not replacing gold after all?

A Morningstar Research Services analyst claims that his firm created a framework to evaluate crypto’s chance at challenging gold as the safe haven investment for recessions or worse. If he is right, that is a good thing for gold since 40% of the demand for gold relates to investment.

Ethereum finally bottomed out… or did it?

Ethereum’s mid-September drop to $170 was certainly painful for ETH investors. Now, Diar, a cryptocurrency research group, insists that the downtrend is over: $170 was the bottom. This is welcome news since it is hard to tell how much more value loss investors could handle with a cryptocurrency that not long ago was priced at over $1,500.

So will Ethereum now go to $1,900?

Speaking of the rise and fall (and rise again) of Ethereum, at least one person is putting a specific price on the first utility cryptocurrency’s next move up. Tom Lee, of Fundstrat Global Advisors, sees ETH going to $1,900 by the end of 2018. This is not a typo: he forecasts ETH doing a 10x from its recent low in the next 3 months.

ICOs in Korea: Legal soon?

It is a good sign indeed when Republic of Korea’s Chairman of the National Policy Committee calls for ICOs to be legalized in the country. Korea is a big market for cryptocurrencies. Positive developments there may encourage similar moves in China and India, for example. There is a caveat, though, to the Chairman’s endorsement of ICOs: a proper regulatory framework must be in place.

CFTC endorses crypto?

In the world of cryptocurrencies, when one country’s government agency says something positive (or negative) about crypto, other just have to follow. So not be outdone by Korea’s NPC, United States’ CFTC Chairman, Christopher Giancarlo, made a statement that cryptocurrency is here to stay. This is not entirely surprising since the Chairman has been nicknamed “CryptoDad” — why?

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