Designing The EMX User Experience

Posted by Craig Austin on Jun 11, 2018 4:12:00 PM


As demonstrated by the reinvention of our brand, the team here at EMX is bringing rigor, forethought and calculation into the design of our next-generation trading platform. After all, creating the Future of Derivatives Trading means elevating the user experience beyond what is currently imaginable.

While the team is busy getting prepared to launch our platform (first as a trading competition and then as a live market), we wanted to give you an inside look into our design process and share an early preview of the EMX Trading Interface.

This interface is the culmination of months of design, engineering and engagement with traders worldwide. In the coming weeks, we’ll go deeper into each of the components that bring the EMX trading experience to life.

User Research: Building around the needs of the trading community

As lifelong traders, we had a strong initial intuition for the features and components needed to really elevate the futures trading experience. Yet, this was just a starting point. It was equally important that we captured your needs, likes and dislikes — after all, we can’t transform derivatives trading without you, the trader.

We’ve held dialogues with our future traders, both in-person and via AMAs. Across Asia and the Americas, we gathered your invaluable views on how you trade today and, more importantly, how you see yourselves trading tomorrow.

Requirements: Developing a clear focus

With a few core design ideas in hand, we set out to define a clear path for development. This phase was crucial — we knew that having a lucid, well-defined focus would enable us to channel our energy into creating the strongest possible foundation for the platform.

We had to make a ton of tough choices; this part of the design process is all about tradeoffs. But ultimately, this approach paid off. We have a clean, concise and realistic near-term pipeline of features and components and an exciting and ambitious roadmap for future releases.

Wireframes: Constructing the framework

From here, we built out a working wireframe prototype of the trading platform. This enabled us to quickly iterate on and test the interactions between various EMX platform components.

This prototype may look a bit simple from a design standpoint, but it was a powerful tool to try out new ideas in a low-cost way.



Visual Design: Tailoring the look and feel

Once we settled on the wireframes, our designers got to work creating a series of visual designs. Through these iterations, we began to see how the platform would look and feel to the user, complete with final branding and polish.

Which brings us to a preview of the EMX Trading Platform web interface: It’s sleek. It’s powerful. It’s a bold UI for a bold vision of our next-generation derivatives trading platform.

EMX Trading Platform UI

Preview of EMX Visual Design Implementation: Getting the pieces into place

With a vision of our first public trading platform release in sight, our engineering teams have been busy building out the core front-end and back-end functions, including the EMX API capabilities needed to bring the platform to life.

During this process, our team is really digging into each and every component individually — as well as making sure they all fit together into a cohesive, powerful experience. In a future blog post, we’ll dive into the design of the key EMX trading platform components and especially the pieces that make our platform unique.

Release: Putting the final product in your hands

As we approach the home stretch for our initial release of the EMX trading platform, we’re excited to get working on the next major milestone: the EMX mobile app. Our mobile app will be released after the initial launch of the trading competition platform. More info coming soon!

What do you think?

As we’ve said from the beginning, reimagining the derivatives trading experience is a collaborative effort. Now that you’ve seen what we’re building, we’d like to hear from you.

What do you think of our interface? You can let us know in the comments below or reach out to our team via the EMX Telegram Channel.

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